Wasaya al-Abrar wa Mawa’iz al-Akhyar


This is a work of taṣawwuf translated from Shaykh Muhammad bin ‘Umar al-Ghamri al-Wasiti.


Completed “24 Safar 1245 AH [August 25, 1829], by Shaykh Daud b. ‘Abd Allah al-Fatani, in Mecca.


This text never gained any popularity in the Patani scholarly network, nor was it ever published.

1 known manuscript copies

Manuscripts without colophons (1):

  1. PNM 589: 7 ff.

Published Editions

  1. 1990. Kuala Lumpur: Khazanah Fathaniyah. Holding: PNM.
  2. 2004. Kuala Lumpur: Persatuan Pengkajian Khazanah Klasik Nusantara and Khazanah Fathaniyah. Holding: National Institute of Education (Singapore).

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