Kayfiyyat Khitam al-Quran


This is a book on adab to be employed with regard to the Quran. In this work, the author also recorded the chain of masters he possessed with the Sammaniyya and Shattariyya tariqa. In addition, it contains the dhikr Allah method of chanting for the Shattariyya order.


This is an undated work by Shaykh Daud b. ‘Abd Allah al-Fatani. It resembles the sorts of other writings he was producing in the mid-1810s, so it was likely composed around that time.


This text only gained a low level of distribution in the Patani knowledge network, though since no dated colophons exist in surviving manuscripts it is not possible to chart its passage, though one scholar has claimed it was very widespread in the Malay-Indonesian world. Copyists occasionally included this text in manuscript compilations with works by other authors of the network.

Manuscripts without colophons (6):

  1. IAM 81: 80 pp., incomplete.
  2. IAM 227: 39 ff., incomplete, now lost.
  3. IAM 539: 44 pp., incomplete.
  4. IAM 560: 76 pp., incomplete. Contains a silsilah for tariqa linking Ibn Ishaq al-Jawi Fatani via Shaykh Muhammad Salih b. ‘Abd al-Rahman Jawi of Pauh Bok back to the beginning.
  5. PNM 1744A: 54 pp., incomplete. Bound together with PNM 1744B: [doa], PNM 1744C: Kayfiyya Sembahyang Mayat, and PNM 1744D: Tariqa Naqsyabandiyya.
  6. PNM 3180: 35 ff.

Published Editions

Some scholars have claimed in secondary sources that the earliest printed editions of this book were produced in Bombay and Istanbul, but no known examples of those texts exist in public repositories to allow us to confirm the claim. It did appear in the printing houses by the 1920s, though Haji Wan Shaghir Abdullah claims that it was commonly printed together with Faida Muhimma Matluba fi Kayfiyya Salat al-Tarawih (A Vital Benefit in the Manner of Tarawih Prayer) and Waraqat Qalila fi Manasik al-Ḥajj (Pamphlet on the Rituals of Hajj) by Shaykh Muhammad Badawi Samawi.

  1. 1925/6. Cairo: Isa al-Babi al-Halabi, 1344 AH.
  2. Undated. Mecca: Matba‘ah ‘Uthmaniyya

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