Husayn b. ‘Isma’il b. Mustafa, Haji (1904-67)

Popular Name(s): Haji Husayn Cik Dol, Tuan Guru Haji Cik Dol



Biographical Details: b. 1904, Pondok Gajah Mati, Pendang, Kedah, though his father was from Patani and had come to Kedah to teach and opened a pondok in that town. His mother, Hajah Kalthom, also came from Patani, though the exact origin is unknown. He married Maryam, daughter of Tok Chaok, not long before the latter’s death in 1921. He became very active in politics, especially in PAS (see Mahmud (2007): 86-98). d. Friday, 12 May 1967, buried in cemetery Islam Guar Cempedak, daerah Yan, Kedah.

He studied at Pondok Chaok for four years and then went to Mecca to continue his education. He later returned and succeeded his father, Haji ‘Isma’il Cik Dol, as the chief teacher at Pondok Haji Cik Dol.


  1. Tok Chaok (d. 1921), 4 years



  1. Mahmud, Abdul Razak, “Haji Husain Che Dol (1904-1967),” in Tokoh-tokoh Ulama’ Semenanjung Melayu, vol. 2, 2nd ed., 83-100. Kota Bharu: Majlis Ugama Islam dan Adat Istiadat Melayu Kelantan, 2007.

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