Ghayat al-Maram fi Kayfiyyat Ada al-Hajj fi-l-Islam


This is a guide for those Muslims who planned to engage upon the hajj.


Completed “malam Rabu, 5 Dhu al-Qadah 1229 AH” [19 Oct 1814] by Shaykh Daud b. ‘Abd Allah al-Fatani, in Mecca.


It never gained popularity as a manuscript in the Patani knowledge network.

1 known manuscript copy

Manuscripts with dated colophons (1):

  1. 1879/80. Copied 1297 AH. PNM 2838: 37 ff.

Published Editions

It is the only of Shaykh Daud al-Fatani’s books to be printed with any regularly that had not previously been popular in manuscript form. Claims have been made in secondary literature that copies of the text were printed in both Mecca and Istanbul in the late 19th century, but no known copies exist in public repositories to confirm these claims.

  1. 1922. Cairo: Issa El-baby El-Halaby. Holdings: PNM.
  2. 1953/4. Cairo: Dar al-Kutub al-Arabiyya in cooperation with Isa al-Babi al-Halabi, 1373 AH.
  3. 1999. Kuala Lumpur: Khazanah Fathaniyah. Holding: PNM.

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