Muhammad Yasin b. Muhammad Sa’id (d. 1910)

Popular Name(s): Tok Haji Mat Yasin


Location(s): Bukit Pinang, Kedah (1321/1904)

Biographical Details: He came from Kedah. He married a woman from Mempawah. d. 1328/1910. He went to study in Mecca in 1889, taking his family with him. While he was there, he was inducted into the Qadiriyya tariqa by Shaykh Ahmad Khatib Sambas. After returning to Kedah (by 1321/1904), he supposedly settled in Pontianak and also taught in Mempawah and Sambas.


  1. Shaykh Nik Mat Kecik Patani (1844-1915), Mecca
  2. Tuan Guru Haji ‘Abd al-Razak (Mecca)
  3. Shaykh Ahmad Khatib Sambas (Mecca)


  1. Tuan Guru Haji ‘Isma’il al-Kalantani studied with him, to whom he passed the Naqshbandiyya and Qadiriyya tariqats. ‘Isma’il afterward went to Sungai Itik, Pontianak.

Scribed Writing(s):

  1. PNM 1435 – [kitab tawhid], 25 Dhu’l Qada 1321 AH [12 Feb 1904 CE]


  1. Abdullah, Haji Wan Mohd. Shaghir. “Tuan Guru Haji Muhammad Yasin Kedah: Pengasas Pengajian Pondok Pertama Kalimantan Barat,” Dakwah 14 (Jun 1991): 40-3.

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