Muhammad Tahir b. Muhammad Dahhan b. Muhammad Salih, Haji (1851-1947)

Popular Name(s): Tok Duku



Biographical Details: b. 1851, in Kampung Teluk Manok (today in daerah Pekbun, Narathiwat, Thailand). His son-in-law, Haji ‘Abd al-Latif, was the youngest child of Tok Kelaba. d. 1947, at the age of 97, shortly after being arrested by the police.

He first studied in Patani, but his teachers are unknown. He afterward went to Mecca to continue his education. He became an expert in the recitation of al-Qur’an. After returning to the peninsula, he opened his own pondok at Kampung Duku, near Bacok (today in Narathiwat province, Thailand).


  1. Shaykh Zainuddin Sumbawa, who wrote Siraj al-Huda (Mecca)
  2. Shaykh Umar Bali (Mecca)
  3. Shaykh Hasb Allah (Mecca)
  4. Tok Senggora (c. 1850-1930), Mecca
  5. Shaykh Surur (Mecca)


Authored Writing(s):

  1. Fath al-Murid fi ‘Ilm al-Tauhid – a work on tawhid
  2. Muqadimmah al-Ikhwan – a work on tajwid


  1. Fatani, Ahmad Fathy al-. Ulama Besar dari Patani. Bangi: Penerbit Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia, 2002: 272-4.

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