Muhammad Sulong b. Haji ‘Abd al-Qadir b. Muhammad, Tuan Guru Haji (1895-1954)

Popular Name(s): Haji Sulong



Biographical Details: b. 1895, Kampung Anak Ru, Patani (a kampung in the kawasan of bandar Patani today). His father was the grandson of Tuan Minal. His mother, Sharifah (known as Che Pah) died when he was 12 years old (c. 1907).

His father sent him to study at Pondok Haji ‘Abd al-Rashid, Kampung Bandar, Sungai Pandan, Patani, when he was eight years old (c. 1903). When he was twelve, c. 1907, he was taken to Mecca to study, but his teachers are unknown. He did not return from Mecca until 1926, having witnessed a great deal, both in terms of education and the politics of the Arabian peninsula. He founded the Madrasah al-Ma’arif al-Wataniyya, where he was assisted by ‘Abd al-Murad, who was from Egypt. He is perhaps most famous for his leadership in the GEMPAR (Gabungan Melayu Patani Raya) movement in the years following the end of World War II. On 13 Aug 1954, he and others from the GEMPAR movement, including one of his sons, were captured and taken to Songkhla. He later disappeared, but stories abound that he was placed in a barrel and dumped into the gulf by the state police.


  1. Tok Keramat Pulau Bidan (d. 1938), Kampung Bandar, Sungai Pandan, Patani (c. 1903)


  1. Haji Mustafa b. Haji ‘Abd al-Rashid, Kampung Bandar, Patani
  2. Haji ‘Abd al-Qadir Wamud, Nad Tanjung
  3. Haji Hassan Mak Enggol (c. 1896-1969)
  4. Haji Muhammad Nor Cenak
  5. Haji Muhammad Pauh, Bendang Jelapang
  6. Haji ‘Abd al-Rahman Padang Ru, Jaha
  7. Datuk Haji Muhammad Nor b. Haji Ibrahim, Mufti of Kelantan

Authored Writing(s):

  1. Cahaya Islam
  2. Gugusan Cahaya Keselamatan
  3. Khulasah al-Jawahir


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