‘Abd Allah b. Musa al-Kalantani, Haji (1863-1907)

Popular Name(s): Datuk Haji ‘Abd Allah



Biographical Details: Mufti of Johor. He was born Shawwal 1279 AH [1863 CE], in Pasir Pekan, Tumpat, Kelantan, d. malam Jum, 18 Ramadan 1325 AH [25 Oct 1907 CE], at age 44. He first went to Pondok Bendang Daya to study and later went to Mecca. After returning to Kelantan, he taught the boy who would later be known as Tok Kenali, when the latter was still young. He moved to Johor in 1299/1882, where he continued to teach, and eventually settled in Singapore. He became a peguam (lawyer) in Mahkamah Johor in 1887. He later rose to the position of Hakim Besar for Johor, 13 Sep 1896, and then became second mufti of that state, 9 Mar 1899. He was selected as a member of the Majlis Mesyuarat Kerajaan Johor, 30 Apr 1900, a position which he held until his early death.


  1. Tok Bendang Daya Muda (1818-95), Pondok Bendang Daya
  2. Shaykh Muhammad Zayn b. Mustafa al-Fatani (1817-1908)
  3. Shaykh Nik Dir Patani (1829-98)
  4. Shaykh Nik Mat Kecik (1844-1915)
  5. Tok Wan ‘Ali Kutan (1837-1913)
  6. Shaykh Ahmad b. Muhammad Zayn al-Fatani (1856-1908)


  1. Tok Kenali, when the latter was still young
  2. Muhammad Ghazali b. Muhammad ‘Arifin



  • Daud, Ismail Che. Tokoh-tokoh Ulama’ Semenanjung Melayu, vol. 1, 3rd ed. Kota Bharu: Majlis Ugama Islam dan Adat Istiadat Melayu Kelantan, 2001: 657-64.

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