Muhammad Salih b. Zayn al-‘Abidin b. Muhammad al-Fatani, Shaykh (d. 1892)

Popular Name(s):

Origin: Kuala Bangkat, Patani


Biographical Details: He was the son of Tuan Minal. d. 11:00 am, 15 Zulhijah 1309/1892, in Mecca, while still fairly young. He had gone there with his father, but most of his other teachers are unknown. His son, Muhammad, went to Patani and married in Semerah, Johor, to the sister of ‘Abd Allah b. Muhammad b. ‘Abd al-Hamid gelar Jalaluddin, who wrote Majmu‘ Ta‘lifat Jalaluddin, which was published by Matbaah al-Malayu, Egypt, in 1345.


  1. Tuan Minal (1820-1913), Mecca
  2. Shaykh Nik Dir Patani (1829-98), Mecca

Authored Writing(s):

  1. Siraj al-Qari pada Bicara Hukum Tajwid Kalam Allah al-Bari
  2. Tajwid mafatih huruf al-Qur’an

Scribed Writing(s):

  1. PNM 173 – Kitab Tajwid, Rabi al-akhir 1336 AH [1918 CE], since the copy date is long after his death, it seems likely that a later copyist took his name from a source text, while following it with his own completion date.
  2. PNM 928 – Kifayat al-Muhtaj, 8 Shawwal 1297 AH [13 Sep 1880 CE]


  1. Fatani, Ahmad Fathy al-. Ulama Besar dari Patani. Bangi: Penerbit Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia, 2002: 254-5.

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