The Center for Patani Studies is supported, in part, by the Department of Social Sciences and Cultural Studies at the Pratt Institute. Individuals or institutions interested in establishing an affiliation with the Center for Patani Studies may contact the Center here.

Francis R. Bradley  Assistant Professor of History, Department of Social Sciences and Cultural Studies, Pratt Institute. He is the author of Forging Islamic Power and Place: The Legacy of Shaykh Daud bin ‘Abd Allah al-Fatani in Mecca and Southeast Asia (University of Hawaii Press, 2015). He has published numerous other articles on Patani, Southeast Asian Islam, and human mobility in maritime and volatile political contexts. His most recent article, “Islamic Reform, the Family, and Knowledge Networks Linking Mecca with Southeast Asia in the Nineteenth Century,” appeared in the Journal of Asian Studies in February 2014.

Dennis Walker  Adjunct Research Scholar at the Asia Institute, Monash University. He is the author of Islam and the Search for African-American Nationhood: Elijah Muhammad, Louis Farrakhan and the Nation of Islam (Clarity Press, 2005). He has published numerous articles on Islam and politics in southern Thailand.

Christopher Joll  Research Fellow, Centre for Ethnic Studies and Development, Chiang Mai University. He is the author of Muslim Merit-Making in Thailand’s Far-South (Springer, 2011).

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