Kanz al-Mannan ‘ala Hikam Abi Madyan


This text is a translation of a commentary on the Sufi maxims of al-Hikam by Abu Madyan Shuayb b. al-Ḥusayn al-Andalusī (520-94/1126-97), commonly known as Abu Madyan al-Ghawth, in which Shaykh Daud al-Fatani offered many of his own clarifications. This was a key text in the development of his writings during the “Sufi period” from 1817-34.


Completed “hari Rabu, 23 Rabi al-akhir1240 AH,” [15 Dec 1824], by Shaykh Daud ibn ‘Abd Allah al-Fatani, in Mecca.


This text never gained popularity in the Patani knowledge network.

2 known manuscript copies

Manuscripts with dated colophons (1):

  1. 1874, Nov 11. Copied by Mahmud b. Muhammad Yusuf b. Haji ‘Abd al-Qadir, 1 Shawwal 1291 AH, in Kampung Pusing, negeri Yala [Patani]. PNM 1240: 80 ff., single red frame. Floral designs on final folio, brown cloth cover attached.

Manuscripts with undated or partially-dated colophons (1):

  1. Copied by Haji Muhammad Lad anak Kassim Patani. PNM 748: 88 ff., double red frame.

Published Editions

  1. 1910/1. Mecca: al-Matba’ah al-Miriyya al-Kayna, 1328 AH. 103 pp. Holding: PNM, UL.
  2. 2000. Kuala Lumpur. Holding: PNM.

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