‘Isma’il b. Wan Mustafa b. Wan Musa al-Samlawi, Haji Wan (1873-1948)

Popular Name(s): Haji ‘Isma’il Cik Dol



Biographical Details: b. 1873, in Kampung Menajung, which is a small village near Tanjung Datok. d. 1948. He first studied at Pondok Bendang Daya and afterward went to study with Tuan Minal. He later went to Mecca, but did not stay long. After his return, he settled in Kedah, where he taught at Pondok Tualang, and where he was joined by his son-in-law Tuan Guru Haji Awang. He soon left to open his own pondok at Kampung Gajah Mati, Pendang, where he supposedly drew students from the peninsula and Sumatra. In Kedah, he was known as “Robin Hood Melayu.” His work was carried on by his son-in-law Haji Wan ‘Ibrahim, who was called Pak Cu Him Gajah Mati.


  1. Tok Bendang Daya (1818-95), Pondok Bendang Daya, Jambu
  2. Tuan Minal (1820-1913), he followed his teacher when the latter moved to open Pondok Sungai Dua, Seberang Perai
  3. Shaykh Ahmad b. Muhammad Zayn al-Fatani (1856-1908), Mecca


  1. Haji Hamid Tubiar
  2. Tuan Guru Haji ‘Ibrahim Paya Sena
  3. Tuan Guru Haji Ahmad Rebat, Cegar
  4. Tuan Guru Haji ‘Isma’il Terengganu
  5. Haji Husayn Cik Dol (1904-67), his son, who opened a pondok in Guar Cempedak named Madrasah al-Akhlak al-Islamiyyah, before becoming very active in politics.



  1. Fatani, Ahmad Fathy al-. Ulama Besar dari Patani. Bangi: Penerbit Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia, 2002: 274-6.

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